About Local SEO Sidekicks: Sebo and Dana

About WebLaunch Local SEO Sidekicks Sebo and Dana

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About Sebo and Dana, your local Sacramento SEO sidekicks who will help your business go from zero to hero in no time!

Meet Dana, the Design Director and magician behind our beautiful websites! She’ll make your site so stunning, customers will think it’s a mirage!

Where SEO and Design Meet in Perfect Harmony

Meet Sebo, our CEO who’s all about local SEO and helping small businesses crush the online game. Let’s make your website a superstar!

Get Inspired by Our Journey: How Sebo and Dana Helped a Local Furniture Repair Company Achieve First Page Google Rankings in Just Six Months

As local SEO sidekicks, Sebo and Dana have helped numerous businesses achieve online success through expert search engine optimization strategies. One such success story is their work with a local furniture repair company, which had been struggling to gain visibility in online search results.

When the furniture repair company approached Sebo and Dana for help, they knew they had their work cut out for them. The company’s website was poorly optimized for search engines, and they had little online visibility outside of a basic Google My Business listing. But Sebo and Dana were determined to help the company achieve its online goals and set to work on a comprehensive SEO strategy.

WebLaunch offers a comprehensive suite of local SEO solutions to help your business thrive in the Sacramento market. Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, their expert team can provide you with the tools and techniques needed to achieve higher search engine rankings and attract more customers in the local area.

But why should you contact WebLaunch over other local SEO providers in Sacramento? Here are just a few reasons:

About Keyword Research and On-Page Optimization

The first step in Sebo and Dana’s strategy was to conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for the furniture repair company’s business. They then optimized the website’s on-page content to incorporate these keywords in a natural and effective way.

The on-page optimization process included updating page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags to better reflect the company’s services and target keywords. Sebo and Dana also worked with the company to develop high-quality, optimized content for their blog and service pages, helping to establish the company as a trusted authority in their industry.

About Google My Business Optimization

To improve the company’s visibility in local search results, Sebo and Dana worked on optimizing the company’s Google My Business listing. This included updating their business information, adding photos, and responding to customer reviews to improve their online reputation.

Sebo and Dana also implemented a review management strategy to encourage more positive reviews from satisfied customers, which helped to boost the company’s visibility in the Google 3 pack – the top three local search results that appear on Google Maps.

About Off-Page Optimization and Link Building

Finally, Sebo and Dana worked on off-page optimization and link building to improve the company’s overall online authority. This included identifying high-quality backlink opportunities and developing a guest posting strategy to earn valuable links from reputable industry publications.

Within just six months, Sebo and Dana’s comprehensive SEO strategy had paid off, as the furniture repair company achieved first page rankings on Google for their target keywords and secured a coveted spot in the Google 3 pack. This led to a significant increase in website traffic, online leads, and ultimately revenue for the company.

The success of their work with the furniture repair company is a testament to Sebo and Dana’s expertise in local SEO, and their commitment to helping small businesses achieve online success. With their help, businesses like the furniture repair company can go from struggling to achieve online visibility to achieving first page rankings and dominating their local market. This story is about Number2project Mobile Furniture Repair services in Sacramento, Ca 

In conclusion, Sebo and Dana’s journey is an inspiration to anyone looking to achieve online success through local SEO. By developing a comprehensive strategy that incorporates on-page optimization, Google My Business optimization, and off-page optimization, they were able to help a local furniture repair company achieve first page Google rankings and a spot in the Google 3 pack in just six months. Their expertise and commitment to their clients are a testament to the power of local SEO in helping small businesses achieve their online goals.

Thanks to their hard work and expertise, my business is now the number one choice for furniture repair in Sacramento. I am extremely grateful for their exceptional services and would highly recommend Weblaunch.org to anyone looking to elevate their business to the top of the Google local search and Google Maps ranking.
Sebastian Sobota

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  2. Moz Local – Moz Local helps you manage your business listings across multiple online directories and search engines, ensuring consistency and accuracy of your business information across the web.

  3. SEMrush – SEMrush provides a range of local SEO tools, including local keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis, to help you optimize your local search strategy.

  4. Whitespark – Whitespark offers a range of local SEO tools, including local citation building and management, local search rank tracking, and review monitoring.

  5. BrightLocal – BrightLocal provides a suite of local SEO tools, including local citation building, local search rank tracking, and review management, to help you improve your local search performance.

  6. Ahrefs – Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides local keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis, among other features, to help you optimize your local search strategy.

  7. Yext – Yext offers a range of local SEO tools, including local listing management, review monitoring, and analytics, to help you improve your local search performance.

  8. Local Falcon – Local Falcon provides a unique tool that allows you to see your business’s Google Maps ranking at different points in a given area, helping you to identify and optimize for specific local search areas.

  9. Reputation.com – Reputation.com offers local SEO tools that help you manage and monitor your online reputation, including reviews and listings management, sentiment analysis, and more.

  10. Serpstat – Serpstat provides a range of local SEO tools, including local keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis, to help you optimize your local search strategy.

  11. Ubersuggest – Ubersuggest provides a range of local SEO tools, including local keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis, to help you optimize your local search strategy. It also offers features like site audit and content ideas to help you improve your website’s overall SEO performance.

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